Dancing Bear’s fate lies with trustee

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Garda’s CEO wants a piece of police force pie
Stephan Crétier’s Montreal-based company provides security details for Fortune 500 executives and protects ordinary travellers at four of Canada’s five major airports

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Small firm sued for millions in unpaid loans
A small firm in Stratford, P.E.I. has racked up more than $3 million in debts to local businessmen, according to court documents obtained by CBC News Friday.

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Dancing Bear’s fate lies with trustee
ASPEN – A federal bankruptcy trustee will soon decide the direction of the Dancing Bear fractional-ownership development, an Aspen project that seemingly mirrors the struggles faced by developers during the national credit crunch.

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Hard money commercial property loan

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Nonprofit lender gets $5.5m

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U.S. gives small businesses more access to microloans
LOS ANGELES – More accustomed to allocating money by the millions, the federal government is stepping up efforts to make loans as small as a few hundred dollars to some of the nation’s tiniest companies.

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Some pay cash to refinance mortgage rates
With mortgage rates near historic lows, some homeowners are bringing checks to the closing table as part of the “cash-in” refinancing trend.

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Nonprofit lender gets $5.5m
Boston Community Capital, a nonprofit lender, has received $5.5 million to expand its groundbreaking program that helps struggling homeowners and tenants facing eviction buy back their homes at reduced prices.

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Private Money Lender in Maryland (MD)

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We are a private money lender for residential real estate projects in the state of Maryland. We have private money for renovations and rehabs all across the state. Call us at 410-822-9104 or visit www.MDHardMoneyLender.com for more details.

Private money lender? Investing in real estate makes money

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www.privatelendinged.com explains how in every business transaction there are three aspects to deal with The second is the risk. Learn how to profit from making private money loans.

Has any one managed to get a loan of a private lender that advertises on yahoo?

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I was lucky enough to get a loan from richards_loan_agency. I gave money upfront and didn’t get scammed.
Their are a lot of scam artists on here.

If vanyone else has got a loan on here, please let me know.

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