Zero To Private Pilot in 45 Hours

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Learn how to get your private pilots license faster and cheaper than the national average. Save thousands of dollars while capitalizing the most on your training. You will be a better pilot and have money to fly while your friends are still students!
Zero To Private Pilot in 45 Hours

Commercial Mortgage Loans – Loan-to-value Ratios in Private (hard Money) Lending – What Size Loan Can You Get?

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I’m a commercial mortgage professional and I deal extensively in private (hard money) loans. One of the most frequent questions I am asked is “What loan amount can I get”? That’s not an easy question to answer because privately funded loans are much less standardized than conventional, institutionally funded loans so there are no hard-and-fast rules. But I speak to lenders and investors everyday and can offer the following guidelines.

Vacant Land

Private lenders don’t like raw land and hate rural land. Hard money people tend to think in terms of quick sale value, incase they (God forbid) have to take back the property. Un-entitled, vacant land is among the most difficult to sell quickly. In the event you find a lender willing to make you a deal land, do not expect to be offered more than, the lesser of, 50% of the purchase price or 50% of the collateral’s quick-sale value. If the land can’t be financed conventionally and you are looking for hard money, be prepared to put down a huge down-payment or have the seller carry-back a big 2nd.

Properly zoned, fully entitled land that has all permits in place is a valuable commodity, even in today’s difficult real estate market. Land, however, doesn’t produce income and therefore can’t cover its own mortgage payment the way a hotel or an office building can. That’s why, most hard money sources will only lend up to about 60% against land. Further, if a property owner can’t demonstrate the means to make the payment, lenders will insist that interest payments are held by a third party as an “interest reserve”. In this way lenders are protected. Any interest payments not made, due to early pay-off, will be returned to the borrower.

Underpreforming Buildings

From a lenders perspective, an underperforming or vacant building has much the same problem that raw land has; not enough income. The loan amount offered by a private commercial mortgage lender will depend greatly on the extent of the vacancy and the overall condition of the building. You won’t find any lenders willing to help you acquire a vacant building unless you have a sound, well thought-out plan for leasing it up fast, and even then LTVs will be in the 50%-60% range. Partially rented facilities with at-least some income generation might fetch as much as 65%. But again borrowers will be required to have a plan in place to fill-up the space.

Income Generating Buildings

This category is the most sought-after kind of collateral for any commercial real estate lender. A lender will have a lien on the income a building produces, not just the building itself. In the event of a collection scenario, rental income mitigates the costs of a repossession action. Investors can expect to receive term sheets that reflect between 60%-70% LTV. Apartments, office and retail are highly prized assets with warehouses and self storage facilities a close behind. Industrial facilities are less attractive to lenders because, in many cases, it’s the business, not the building that’s responsible for the generating the income.

The LTV numbers above are fairly typical but are not necessarily definitive. The important thing to keep in mind when looking into hard money loans is that they are offered by private finance firms or wealthy individuals. These lenders are free to be as flexible as they wish, after-all, it’s there money. Keep these guidelines in mind, but, don’t hesitate to pitch your deal to any private lender. If the deal is strong and you can sell the merits of it, you might just get lucky and receive more than you thought you could.

MasterPlan Capital LLCCommercial Mortgage loans – Equity Financing – Asset Management Services – Apply For a Commercial Mortgage Online – Quick Answers – Fast Closings – The Author, Glenn Fydenkevez, is a 20 year veteran of the financial services industry and has served as an officer with one of Wall Street’s largest brokerage houses. He is currently President of MasterPlan Capital LLC, a dynamic, privately held commercial real estate investment banking firm.

Private Money Lender | Private Money

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Filed under Private Money Lending Private Money Lender – Everyone always wants to know why do people borrow hard money in the first place. There are four simple reasons timing, situation, property, and borrower. The need of emergency money leads many people to buy from private money lenders and this gives both the investor and the client oppurtunities. Hard money loans can be arranged a lot faster so it’s easier and a lot quicker to get private money then a normal insitutional loan. For more information on Private Money visit our website.

Low APR Rate Home Mortgage Lender?

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Big banks such as Bank of America, Citi Bank, and Wells Fargo often charges high closing cost. Are there other small banks or mortgage lenders that offer low rate & low closing cost?

I saw TV commercials that some personal loan companies (such as “Cash Call”) also start doing mortgage loan. Are they reliable?

Thank you

Feds seize three failing wholesale credit union

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Regulators Seize Wholesale Credit Unions
Regulators took over three financial institutions that provide the underpinning for hundreds of the nation’s credit unions.

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Bernanke Says Recovery Too Slow Even With Fed Bond Purchases
Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke said the U.S. economy is recovering at a slower pace than policy makers want even as the central bank’s more than $1 trillion in bond purchases have reduced interest rates.

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Feds seize three failing wholesale credit union
Two years after crisis, toxis loans still burden financial instituions

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How to Secure your Private Money Trust Deed Investment?

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Filed under Private Money Lending – Investing your money in Real Estate as a Passive Private Money Lender can be scary, but the key is SECURITY. Get a Private Money trust deed so that if you need to take the property back you will be protected. Dont be afraid of taking the property back because you actually make even more money when you take the property back. It very easy and its not like what you read about in the paper. No homeowners that have lost the farm or lost the family home. These are Investors that understand the risks. When you take the property back you will have big equity in deal. But taking the property back is not your goal. Its just nice to know that you have this kind of protection. Being a private money lender gets you better returns than the stock market with security and most importantly control. Control your money folks..

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