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A new informational website,, has been launched to empower investors to succeed. With a large variety of options to choose from, selecting the correct IRA is a critical component in an investor’s overall success. is the premier free information and education destination for those looking to maximize their retirement savings through the use of an IRA.

The site offers step-by-step instructions on how to do an IRA rollover, detailed explanations of the many IRA options – the “flavors” available, from traditional IRA, Roth IRA, SEP IRA, and all variations of the Self-Directed IRA. Visitors to the site will find guidelines for each type on such things as eligibility requirements, contribution limits, distribution regulations, tax advantages of each, and pros/cons by type to help consumers make an educated decision.

Americans change jobs and average of 7-10 times in their working life, so it becomes critical that their retirement plan is portable and continues to accrue wealth through job transitions. Self-employed individuals need an affordable option that can grow as their business expands. Those inheriting an IRA or retirement pension need to be aware of tax liability and distribution penalties. Every IRA owner needs to be familiarized with the penalty (up to 50% of assets) applied if Required Minimum Distribution rules are violated. is a one-stop resource for clear and concise information to help consumers through these processes. also provides listings and reviews for Self-Directed IRA custodians, and sorts through the maze of fees and services they provide. There is information about IRS rules governing IRA’s, including non-allowable investments within an IRA, and helpful explanations of non-traditional investment vehicles allowed within an IRA that are excellent options for building wealth safely and with consistent returns.

Anyone with an IRA will find straight answers, detailed research and useful links at this site. The is a one-stop address for all things pertaining to IRA and 401k Rollover information.

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